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CTG Global recruits personnel to work in both consultancy and permanent positions for the Humanitarian, Non Governmental, Security and Energy Sectors. If you are searching for work please send us your job application and Curriculum Vitae.


Please chose your area of skills and experience from the list below, you will then find job descriptions of specific positions we are currently recruiting for, if there are no vacancies that are applicable to you please send us a speculative application, we will retain your information on our database and will contact you when a position arises.

CTG Compliance
CTG maintains full compliance with core Labour Standards and Regulations, including national labour and social security laws. In CTG client countries of operation CTG benchmarks itself against International Labour Organisation (ILO) and adopts these conventions and recommendations. All CTG employees and consultants are required to abide by national labour laws and internationally recognised standards on labour rights and occupational health and safety.

Please find CTG Global's Code of Conduct here.

Employee Code of Business Conduct Ethics for UN Contracts

Diaspora Recruitment

CTG’s rapid growth is driving the search for talent to fill critical leadership roles but there is a shortage of highly skilled talent on the ground. The Diaspora is a key source of talent as they have the skills and expertise both on a local and international level. In partnership with NGO, non-governmental, private and public sector stakeholders, we facilitate increased opportunities for Africans and Arab nationals in the Diaspora with companies and organisations committed to a diverse workforce and with businesses seeking internationally educated and trained talent.

CTG is focused in leading a diaspora recruitment strategy in the Americas and Europe to attract African and Arab nationals who are living, working or studying abroad and are interested in a consulting career opportunity with CTG Global. As we leverage the CTG Global brand, we will be implementing a multi-channel approach to source African and Arabic returnee talent to fill open jobs and also build a pipeline line for future hiring requirements. Our goal is to grow local talents in the African and Arab regions.

Our Recruitment, Hiring & Mobilisation Process






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