Human Resources

CTG Global provides a broad range of Human Resources services which include, but are not limited to, personnel management, recruitment, logistics, crisis management, insurance, legal and accounting.

The main aim of this proposed program is to provide Human Resources, personnel management and administration service which alleviates this burden to their clients. The service is the current model that CTG Global provides to its existing clients and has been tested and proven to be very successful in current operations with many of their internationally recognized clients. CTG Global's current operations are primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq however we have structures in place to provide these services in other hostile territories. The model is flexible and will be tailored to suit the requirements specified by any client.

Broken down into component principles the program offers the following:

  • CTG Global aims to relieve the burden of National and International personnel recruiting and will take responsibility of the full administration and personnel management of all employees.
  • CTG Global will take responsibility for the payroll of its personnel, which will also relieve some of the surmountable administration that is required to conduct the day to day operations of their clients.
  • CTG Global will reduce the risk management and mitigate the responsibility and liability to its client for the safety and security within areas of natural disaster, conflict areas or areas that require their clients' assistance.
  • CTG Global has a comprehensive understanding of the balance between humanitarian/business and security requirements.

Scope of Services for Human Resources

The Human Resources service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Vetting
  • Provision of a Payroll Service
  • Logistical Management of Internationals
  • Personnel Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Travel
  • Visas
  • Life Support
  • Financial Auditing
  • Unique and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Crisis Management

Tracking & Monitoring (T&M) Service

CTG Global strongly advises the use of their Tracking & Monitoring (T&M) service for the safety and security of its personnel that travel anywhere within specified unsafe areas. Our T&M service provides efficient:

  • Discreet Tracking/Monitoring
  • Security
  • Emergency Evacuation
Our Tracking Service provides the capability to monitor each contractor's whereabouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the CTG Global Operations Room. Tracking devices can be 'on person' or 'in vehicle' as required. CTG Global have the capabilities to commit an immediate security and medical reaction force for the safe recovery of any individual or vehicle equipped with one of our tracking devices.


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