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Organizations of all kinds and sizes now use project management to achieve key business outcomes. The range of projects and management techniques is virtually unlimited - from business process improvement to policy and product development and launch, sales campaigns to technology upgrades. But no matter what the scope, all projects have one thing in common; they are building business outcomes using both people and technology.

Project management is the management of a defined piece of work towards a defined outcome. Projects tend to be one-off and often fall outside of the normal operations of their owners, requiring expert personnel to implement the project. Often the client needs extra expertise and resources to achieve a time-critical outcome.

As a dynamic international management consultancy, with a history of serving post conflict and post disaster environments, CTG Global is ideally positioned to assist organizations with their project management requirements. CTG Global's experience in successfully managing business projects is immense.

CTG Global offers many types of project management support:

  • We can lead the project, taking full responsibility for achieving the outcome.
  • We can review our client's management of a project, assessing progress and offering advice.
  • We can realign a project that has encountered serious problems.
  • We can support the client's project, acting through a Project Office.

Whatever the engagement, CTG Global sees the project from the client's viewpoint, learning and understanding the client's business, needs and values, and appreciating the strategic significance of the project into the future. We don't care to sell one-off fixes; we see each of our services as part of a holistic and continuing relationship with our clients, progressively transferring our knowledge so that our clients become more self sufficient in the critically important skill of project management.

All CTG Global consultants are accredited through Australia , UK , EU or US project management competencies ensuring a qualitative edge against "generic" service providers.

CTG Global ensure a careful balance of commercial and public sector experience within our management consultants enabling a balanced outcome for developing governance frameworks, systems and individuals.

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