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Introduction to CTG Global

CTG Global is a Human Resources Management Support Service Company which specializes in the provision of Human Resources, Recruitment, Management Consultancy, Operational Support and Monitoring & Evaluation to enable efficient and effective programme implementation globally.

When the world is looking for solutions to complex issues, it pays to have a trusted partner that can provide highly skilled and experienced human resources to help implement any range of critical mandates.  CTG Global is that partner.

CTG Global partners with both Public and Private Sector organizations including but not limited to humanitarian agencies, government’s, non-governmental organizations, engineering/infrastructure, oil & gas, security and other corporations enabling these organizations to focus on their core business and the achievement of their individual objectives in the environment within which they work. 

From gender and children related programmes in Somalia, elections in Afghanistan and M&E in Libya, to infrastructure in Iraq and emergency response in Haiti, our capabilities are as numerous and divers as the issues on our world’s agenda.

For close to a decade, CTG Global has focused its support in these challenging environments where we provide a safe and secure environment for our consultants to operate and alleviating our clients of their day-to-day personnel management problems.  In response to our clients requirements CTG Global has expanded its HR and Recruitment support into their HQ establishments as well as for their field operations; such flexibility is what CTG Global strives to provide as a standard.

Understanding the clients’ fundamental aims and objectives in the environment which we partner is paramount to our operations and CTG Global has vast and proven global experience in supporting field operations.

The nature of our business is such that our clients feel confident in placing their faith in us.  We are a principled company with ethical, accountable and socially responsible practices in place and are entirely focused on our client's and consultant’s well-being.

We retain the finest people and work with business partners that share our ideals.


To partner with our clients to deliver programme solutions in challenging environments and enhancing their staffing around our clients’ global aims and objectives.

The Methods

CTG Global's unique "Human Resources" model provides the framework for most operational aspects and the planning tools for both public and private sector decision making as well as the immediate ability to respond to any global crisis.  A large database of qualified employees and consultants provides CTG Global with the depth and capability to deliver a full suite of consulting projects.  CTG Global creates a Human Resources framework that is not simply an adjunct to an organization's normal operation, but one that becomes an integral part of it.  The approach recognizes that effective personnel management is systemic, with processes that extend to business unit operations, individual behavior, engagement of local communities and any other potential stakeholders.

The Experience

CTG Global harnesses close to a decade of combined experience in Human Resources.  CTG Global was formed to meet the obvious need for professional, ethical and accountable Human Resources Management Support services globally.


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