Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Through the company's monitoring and evaluation services CTG Global assists Non-Governmental and Humanitarian Aid Organizations complete critical infrastructure programs on time and within budget.

Project M&E is central to achieving shared project management success for the donor, the local community and the service providers. The shared definition of M&E enables CTG Global and client to maintain measurable, reportable and reviewable processes. CTG Global will use existing client and agreed standards to define M&E. Data will be managed using client standards, including data capture, management and storage, formatted and unformatted data, GIS data and imagery . These enable the client to audit CTG Global as part of client due diligence on all of its M&E providers. In addition, the separation between CTG Global M&E and client contract management provides a separation of powers, thus enabling the client to more effectively use objective M&E data for project decision making with other providers and in feedback to donors.

Key Benefits

  • Independent Unbiased Evaluation of Projects
  • Completely Auditable
  • 100% Transparency
  • Increased Donor Confidence

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