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CTG Global has been operating since 2004 and was founded with the express intention of assisting the United Nations and other Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Governments, Non Governmental Organizations, Security Companies, Oil & Gas Companies and other Organizations by recruiting and administering professional International and Local National personnel, for programmes and projects in high risk, post conflict and post disaster countries.

Where We Are
CTG Global has its registered Head Office in the United Arab Emirates with subsidiary offices in Afghanistan, Australia and Nepal and further representation of associate offices in Iraq, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Thailand.

Where We Can Help
CTG Global's specialized knowledge of operational support in Human Resources and Recruitment, from International Project Managers to Local National Laborers, enables them to develop appropriate selection criteria, training programs and in country support to enable the successful outcome of any project. CTG Global's personnel are selected for their experience, skills and for exhibiting a genuine interest in value adding to developing nations.

CTG Global has an impressive track record in recruiting and providing a full support service to staff deployed with organizations in post conflict areas. With their highly skilled management team, who have extensive knowledge and experience of working in disaster response environments, CTG Global have a full understanding of how to alleviate their clients of the inherent risks in these countries of post conflict and post disaster. All personnel provided, on a sub contract basis, are therefore employed directly with CTG Global and they relieve their clients of all crisis management, insurance, payroll and administration; thus allowing their clients to focus on their core business. The risks CTG Global assumes comply with those as mentioned in the United Nations Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS) regulations.

Our Knowledge
The cornerstone of CTG Global's business is a strong understanding of the requirements of infrastructure projects, public sector reform, elections activities, general logistics and the security and risk implications in post conflict and post disaster environments and CTG Global has grown from humble beginnings in Afghanistan to now having offices or representation in ten countries worldwide. Most importantly CTG Global's ground breaking monitoring and evaluation systems demonstrates their commitment to cost management and anti-corruption practices.

What We Provide
CTG Global provide effective Project Management and Human Resources solutions to Organizations thus allowing them to focus on other worldwide peace building, disaster recovery and reconstruction requirements. CTG Global's management ensures projects are completed successfully within the time and financial constraints set by their clients. As a company CTG Global provides the necessary structures, frameworks and mitigation measures to engage qualified Managers and Human Resources services.

CTG Global provide effective Project Management and Human Resources solutions to Organizations thus ensuring their clients are fully satisfied with their services.

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