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CTG Global an internationally recognised Human Resources provider which has supported Security Companies since 2004 with their specialised Manpower requirements. CTG Global provides former serving British and Indian Army Gurkha's, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Filipino and Thai Army personnel to the broader security market including security managers and supervisors, technical specialists, PSD, Convoy Patrol and basic static Guards.

CTG Global prides itself on a no-nonsense quality management system where comprehensive checks and balances exist throughout the recruiting process and the contract in its entirety. At CTG Global it is our responsibility to ensure you have the best individuals available and a single point of contact accountable for the quality of the personnel placed in your organization.

Our System

Once your requirements are identified CTG Global implements a selection course focused specifically on your needs. Each individual will be graded against CTG Global benchmarks - drawn from US, UK and Australian best practice and amongst their peers prior to final selection and deployment.

Where CTG Adds Value

  • We have a legally registered branch office and representation in Nepal, The Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka; under Expatriate management.
  • We have in excess of 7 years working in and recruiting from Nepal, The Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka and understand the difficulties in ensuring quality personnel, legitimate back ground checking, mobilisation difficulties, and through our HR management system ensure staff remuneration providing pay slips to all consultants for their personal financial management.
  • Generating a professional culture and an envious 'esprit de corps' increasing internal management and review process effectiveness.
  • Every individual deployed is vetted by a highly qualified assessment officer with a minimum 20 years operational, military and training experience.
  • The client is fully integrated from concept to implementation.
  • All services can be scaled from a fully managed and administered work force to complete hand-over and operational control to our client's, dependant on their requirements.
  • Quality management throughout the contract.
  • Outsource the administrative difficulties inherent with the recruitment and deployment from these countries.
  • Training programs can be designed and conducted on a case-by-case basis dependant on the client's ongoing audit and compliance requirements.
  • Should any personnel provided be unsatisfactory to the client we will replace said individual free of charge according to our Replacement Policy.

CTG Global will tailor a solution specifically for the client. CTG Global already has experienced personnel from Nepal, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and Thailand running large operations independent of expatriate supervision, managing expatriate clients and local guard forces. This increase in capability reduces the clients overall security and human resources costs increasing the margins and competitiveness of bids.

CTG Global runs a fully administrative Human Resources service which manages all administrative functions for these personnel, which include but are not limited to; recruiting, vetting, selection, mobilisation, personal accident insurance, flights for leave, leave & performance management, payroll, demobilisation, repatriation, family visit in case of death, management of education fund for families after death.

We Provide

  • CP/CIP and PSD teams
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Guards
  • Catering staff
  • Basic administrators
  • Drivers of light and heavy vehicles
  • Convoy managers and guards
  • Training and development staff
  • Communications specialists

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